My week so far….

Hello again. Yes you’ve guessed it – having a break from the novel. It is going better though, thanks for asking. You did ask right?

Since joining the gym last week, I did the first bit of exercise since I came down and very pleased with myself too I was. That’ll get the little grey cells working I thought. I was temporarily puzzled when I tried to get out of bed this morning. When had I missed the fact that I had been set about with a large mallet? I could barely move my arms and legs and turning my head requires the kind of movement which just makes me look very odd, ie. I am in a lot of pain. I think that when asked where I was from when joining the gym. The answer ‘London’ met with a look which said ‘She should know what she’s doing, but we’ll check’ – as they should have – I am nothing if not ill co-ordinated.  However in my brain this computed to ‘show them what you are made of’. So after at least six months of non-gym attendance I proceeded to go hell for leather at both at spinning class and Bodypump on consecutive days. It may have helped my brain – but the body is suffering.

Doing research yesterday in the papers, (for the novel – natch), I discovered that I am in fact a ‘Pankie’, this is Professional Aunt No Kids, thank goodness I’m not Working eh, otherwise that would be unfortunate….Apparently I am in good company – Beyonce and Kylie are (or will become) Pankies – although I have neither Beyonce’s enormous behind nor Kylie’s frozen forehead thankfully. If one is a Hopeless Aunt, would you be a Hankie? Or am I a Skilled Aunt – a skankie – now that’s not so nice is it? Anyhow, they didn’t elaborate. What I really want to be though is something else. I am trying to think a suitable acronym…..

Anyway it’s the beginning of Lent – so what are you giving up – chocolate, booze, fags – hope? Maybe that’s a little too cynical, I am trying to give up fags so I imagine that there will be an added element of angst in my writing this week. Anyway I’m off to watch Masterchef with Greg Wallace and John Torode. TV doesn’t get shoutier than this.


One response to “My week so far….

  1. You could always be a TANKIE – Tooting Aunt, No Kids (the Falmouth equivalent doesn’t sound too great so let’s leave that one out),or a STANKIE – Stimulating Aunt, No Kids, or a SZANKIE (sounds a bit Polish) Size Zero Aunt, No Kids, or a FLANKIE Flourishing Aunt, No Kids.

    Then again, something a bit more suitable for your physical state this week might be GLANKIE – Gym-Loving Aunt, No Kids. Ouch. Sounds painful.

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