When Pasties Go Bad…

There is something to this writing lark – when it works it’s great and it’s hugely satisfying, well it is to me, and admittedly I haven’t got any ‘readers’ let, bar you tolerant people, yet.

On the down side there is an awful lot of gnashing of teeth and cursing. And work avoidance masquerading as research and lots of internet shopping (somehow also masquerading as research – which covers a multitude of sins). Thankfully the Guardian gave me some tips on Saturday, some of which I will definitely be following, (I didn’t think it was possible to have sex and write at the same time), see them all here http://bit.ly/a7zKks.

Another bonus is being able to sit around in ‘writing clothes’, i.e not getting dressed. I was quite worried on Friday when I went out to get food that someone might offer me money in the street.

Lunch on Friday was a pasty, and as you may know I *heart* pasties. Hell, in my previous incarnation as http://www.tottingtotty.blogspot.com. I even had pastywatch (fear not, this will be resurrected – let me know what you think). Little did I know when I came down here that there is a strict rule where pasties are concerned. There must be NO CARROT – as stipulated by the Cornish Pasty Association www.cornishpastyassociation.co.uk/pasties

However, there are some that are a step too far…. here I bring you the contenders:

Lamb & Mint, Full English Breakfast, Sausage & Mash (could there *be* anymore carbs)?

And the clear winner is the bastard child of pasty and curry: Chicken Tikka – dear God, why – as if Chicken Tikka Lasagne isn’t enough of a crime, someone had to come up with this. You would think living in Tooting anything to do with curry would find favour with me, but if you think for one second that is passing my lips you’ve got another thing coming, give me a traditional steak pasty any day.

One of those yummy little ‘cocktail’ pasties (for that is what the baby ones are called), or perhaps two.

Today I had the first day of working on the programme and website copy for the Port Eliot Festival http://www.porteliotfestival.com, I would love to tell you about the line up, but I’d have to kill you as it’s top secret at the moment. All I will say is that it’s going to be amazing.

In a bid to make my journey to their offices easier I have managed to get the loan of a bike from the Social Bike Scheme, meaning I only have to maintain it. Riding a bike is something that I would never do in London (would you?!) but hey this is Cornwall right? Given that I am not particularly mechanically-minded and that I haven’t ridden a bike in twenty years should make this a unique experience and one you lucky people can share it with me. I shall be reporting back on the driving habits – hopefully with all my limbs intact. Maybe I’ll get a helmet-cam like the Ski Cross in the Olympics (love it). Now we’re talking.

I went walking on the beach yesterday and I can’t wait for the summer to arrive. I went to Gyllyngvase Beach and walked over to Swanpool Beach (I’ll add a map when I find one!). It’s true what they say about sea air, it really does clear the head. Despite it still being freezing there were people swimming…..me? I’ll wait until it’s a bit warmer thanks. In the meantime I can enjoy a curry and pint at Gyllyngvase Beach Cafe http://www.gyllybeach.com/

You can take the girl out of Tooting but you can’t take Tooting out of the girl…


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