The Story so far, or not as the case maybe

Well, I thought you all deserved an update on the progress of the novel. Today I am a FRANKIE.  (Frustrated, Aunt, etc.)

All that stuff about writing I said last week was tripe.

They say everyone has a book in them – well mine’s definitely gone AWOL.

I have a project for you all.  See your name in print!  You too can be a writer!

I have to write 60 pages in three weeks (no, I am not kidding) to submit to an editor who will then rip it apart.  Hey, I *heart* writing.

To give you an indication of how frustrated I am I feel like writing this whole blog in bloody great capital letters (that is bad and a CRIME in writing, just to let you know how bad the situation actually is).

I was hoping we could have an nice chat, but I’m afraid I had to get this off my chest.  Thank you for your patience.

I find it vaguely ironic that I am writing about not writing a novel and even more that I’m finding this infinitely easier than writing said novel.

I’m also guessing that if you could read my novel you would probably be enjoying this a lot more – at least I hope you would/are otherwise I’m *really* in trouble.

I have, so far, written an almighty 30 pages (that is half way toward ‘the big push’) and so far today I have been trying to gain inspiration  – from the internet.  Again.  Yes really.  At least I’ve avoided doing any shopping. I have found some great stuff, sadly none of it relevant to the novel.   I have been trying to resist firing up You Tube to watch Pineapple Dance Studios, purely because of Charlie Brooker’s article. Here it is:


So there you have it.  If any of you lovely people want to suggest plot lines, events, twists to said novel, additional characters, please feel free.    This could be the first novel written using the power of the blog.  You  can say that you were part of it.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know what the novel’s about (but for safety’s sake I’ll let you know that it’s set in London and Cornwall, just in case you have an urge to make me write about lesbian nuns or gun-toting chimpanzees or something).  God knows I’m not sure what’s going on either, so your suggestions can only be an improvement.

Think of it as charity work.  Your good deed for the day.  Help me towards the ‘big push’!

I promise that the next blog will be novel free – well almost….


One response to “The Story so far, or not as the case maybe

  1. Have you included aliens yet J-Lo? If not, then that is a serious ommission.

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