A more positive blog.

Firstly, sincerely apologises for my ‘novel’ rant over the past couple of posts.  Ranting now over.  Promise.  I’m up to 56 pages so I’m a happy bunny.

Today I will write a post filled with bonhomie and joy

You will all be pleased to know that the streets of Falmouth are still safe.  I went to pick up my bike from the lovely Andy in Falmouth Wharves.  Sadly the bike proved too big, or I proved too small, suffice to say the cross bar practically cut me in half and I fell off three times quite spectacularly without moving any distance at all.  I am assured that I looked hilarious, but I felt very foolish.  Andy did have the grace to look alarmed when I said that it had been about twenty years since I had ridden a bike.  It showed.  Can you imagine the carnage if I’d attempted that in London? *shudders*
We had the lovely James Henry, writer of Green Wing and Bob the Builder no less, coming to lecture us last week, quite made me want to be a writer, which is good – hopeful at least.  He has a particularly good blog , and it also shows his talk he gave to us here at UCF recently, worth watching.

I have been alerted to quite a lot of good blogs recently – some about Cornwall – some not, but all good.  I have attached links.

This is a new one about life in Cornwall: http://pastiesandcream.com/ . I hope you enjoy them too.

Spring has sadly Spring as left Cornwall, let’s hope it’s temporary, lots of mizzle today.  Hopefully it’ll be nicer for the weekend…..


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