Sorry – it’s been a while….

A year ago I left Falmouth after completely my MA in Professional Writing.  Right now? I am watching Homes Under the Hammer (HUH).   It’s my guilty pleasures whilst I’m looking for work.  Again.

To begin with my initial panic at a mortgage to pay – and no income – led me to think that the best (and by this I mean the safest and most cowardly option!) was to stick with what I knew – ie. PA work, fooling myself that I’d write in my spare time – a pipe dream and pure laziness, and, if I’m honest, utter fear.  But sadly the work just isn’t out there.

So now if I am to become a writer I must stop talking about it and actually write, because that’s what they do.  Write? Right?  I suppose this is a start, eh?

That’s looking for a job, not watching HUH.  I should be thankful I suppose that at least it’s not a repeat, I cannot tell you my outrage when the BBC tries to fob me off with reruns (see also, Midsomer Murders, ITV).

Someone is just buying a building of 4 flats in Stoke Newington for £715,000 – bargain.  And the presenters have started with the corny puns already – an electrician is ‘putting the spark’ back into the property.

And can I just add I had NO idea there was so much advertised on TV which isn’t available in the shops!  By just calling the number on the screen I could have both the Tranquility CD and The Contour Cloud Pillow.   My finger is positively itching I can tell you.

What else does today hold? Possibly a run (it’s sunny, although I envitably pick the one hour in the day when the weather become monsoon-like), some kind of food creation (soup? biscuits?).   And looking for work.

I see some tidying, gentle DIY – the bathroom is still not finished 7 months down the line, and some baking – (The Great British Bake Off is my new addiction – comfort TV at its best, see also Downtown Abbey – which starts on Sunday!).  And looking for work.

I’ll report back.


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