Week Six of ‘not working’ and counting

Well it’s week six (or it is eight) in the Tooting Wurzel household trying to find work (best said a strong Geordie accent a la Big Brother – it’s that claustrophobic), so what to do (when not applying for jobs, obv?)
What’s that you hear?  Yes, that’s right it’s the world’s smallest violin.  But I digress.  What to do? DIY? I think I need regroup of that one.

The hallway redecoration project has gone spectacularly off piste.  What started as a simple painting job has descended into major works, after I decided to pull some loose paper off.  It’s coming off in sheets and now my walls are looking like something out of Homes under the Hammer.  Before not after the makeover.  Polyfilla will be doing very nicely out of me thank you.  Everytime I look at it, I want to lie down in a dark room – and let’s not even mention the bathroom.  Can of worms.

Part of the reason for this stagnation of plans is the lack of cash flow, so all thoughts have turned to frugality, especially where food it concerned (I eat a lot, especially when stuck in the house.)

Well it’s cold and damp and after last night rather triumphant Tarka Dal, courtesy of Red Online and Anjum Ajand,  I have
decided to make some soup – yes wholesome nutritious and cheap.  Unfortunately it tastes pretty rank due to the fact that I whizzed the vegetables up too fine and each mouthful is akin to eating damp sawdust with a hint of bacon, just remember to keep the vegetables chunky.  But hey it’s healthy and did I say CHEAP.

One success I can share is Dan Lepard’s Clementine and Oat muffins which is in his fabulous new book, Short and Sweet, utterly divine.  Sadly they didn’t look as pretty as they should so there’s no picture.   That’s what I shall do, practice baking……perfect for a dank, November afternoon!
Next week I’ve decided that I’m going to share my inbox and Twitter feed
with you me – excited?  You should be.  I can’t go out and spend money but I can
share my exciting new finds with you so you can do it on my behalf.  I can live vicariously through you all.
Here’s one to whet your appetite….

If you work around the King’s Cross area, Eat Street is now at King’s Boulevard
from Wednesdays to Fridays with a variety of different stallholders each
week.  See don’t say I don’t give you anything.


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