Happy New Year, Chin Up!

Well apparently Monday was ‘Blue Monday’, which was ‘officially’ the most depressing day of the year.   Really? Monday’s are no-one’s favourite day (being the beginning of the working week and all) and most of January is pretty grim (what’s to look for to – Valentine’s Day? – I don’t think so…..)

Everyone is feeling either fat, flat or broke (or all three) and has decided they will make positive steps to change their lives and/or habits in the coming year.  Join a gym, eat your 5 a day.  Whatever.

All very admirable, if shortlived, in most cases, but why the rush and then the fall out?  Everything in moderation – is supposed to be the key, isn’t it?  I look forward to my Friday night glass of wine after work and it’s all the nicer for being abstemious the rest of the week….most of the time anyway.

Admittedly I’m giving the fags the old heave-ho, but there no real upside to smoking let’s be honest and I think I’d be kidding myself if I classed them as a ‘treat’ or ‘reward’ – in my case anyway.

But really, why the great rush – you’ve got the whole year to sort your life out….

As a very sensible acquaintance of mine once pointed out, why give up alcohol in January it’s the only thing that gets us through this dark month, try February – it’s shorter.

Here are two things to cheer you up until you eventually fall off the wagon…..

 They are bringing back Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter bars…….(sorry but this was a REVELATION to me)


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