Saturdays at KERB

With the proliferation of street markets/trucks springing up over London (well not really springing any more – they’re a fixture) it’s hard to know where to start, especially at weekends. Head to Waterloo for the Southbank or East to Broadway Market, South East to Brockley Market or South West to Brixton Village, and that’s just for starters. The list is endless.  However you a  place you can’t really go wrong is KERB. And, hurrah, they’re back!  Normally you’re only lucky enough to be able to experience KERB during the week, if you are near one of their markets at King’s Cross, The Gherkin or Canary Wharf (but this is growing, so hold on – see below).

Until October KERB are also doing Saturday at Granary Square, Kings Cross.

Kerb 2014 106 I decided to pop down (or should that be up?) to the first one…They will be on the third Saturday of each month (next one is 21st June, this coming weekend) , as usual the traders will swap each week and you can check out who is going to be there each week by checking ahead on their website, here. Donostia Social Club, Rola Wala, Miss P’s BBQ, The Grilling Greek. What The Dickens, Kimchinary, Capish, Motoyogo, Batch Bakery, Bell & Brisket, Bleecker Street Burger, Bean and Gone. If I have forgotten anyone my apologies.

I’d raced up to see if I could get a scallop and bacon roll from What the Dickens? before they ran out, as they kept posting tantalising pictures up on Twitter,  but it turns out they’d already started serving (a still very tasty looking) lunch of kedgeree. I was too late. Next time my pretties.

I need not have worried about shortage of food.  As you can see below, the choice was amazing, it was making the decision of what to eat which was the hardest thing.Kerb 2014 111I could happily have eaten all of this…

I decided to go with Crabbieshack’s Soft Shell Crab burger, with samphire and tartare sauce. Samphire always reminds me of when I was in Falmouth, we used to buy huge bunches from the fishmonger on Fridays and gorge ourselves. Ha! How bloody pretentious does that sound, students stuffing their faces on samphire?! Anyway it was divine, crunchy and crabbie, here a little pic.
Kerb 2014 121
Mine, all mine….

We washed it down with a tasty ale which, for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of. I’m not a beer drinker, but if you were so inclined there was a potent brew which was about 6%.  Couple of those and you’d be flying – or on the floor.

I decided that I still needed more. But what? I could happily eaten anything from any of the stalls.  Having read about Ice Kitchen and their gourmet ice lollies, I thought this was the way forward, grapefruit and campari, was a lovely grown-up version. A sophisticated little number I think you’ll agree. How refreshing does that look?!
Kerb 2014 124
Having spent a lovely afternoon, sitting in the sunshine and watching the children playing in the fountains (which incidentally were going in time to the music – sweet)Kerb 2014 127
sipping wine and people watching,
Kerb 2014 104
watching barges negotiate their way round the Regent’s Canal
Kerb 2014 105
We decided that we need just one more thing. Cinnamon-dusted donuts, covered with pecans and salted caramels sauce from You Doughnut from the delightful Betsy and Jo. What’s not to love?Kerb 2014 131
And love we did. The fact that they are bitesize makes them easier to eat too.  I would also call them a ‘guilty pleasure’, except for the fact that I didn’t feel guilty about eating them, I NEVER feel guilty about eating anything. No-one should! All in all a splendid day and one which I shall be repeating a lot. Isn’t is pretty….Kerb 2014 108

Kerb 2014 109
KERB is at Granary Square, the third Saturday of every month until October, next one this Saturday, June 21st. For other dates see below:
Kerb 2014 134


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