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Spring is sprung at Tooting Towers…….or how I fell in love with a steam mop.

Everywhere I look things are blooming….from Columbia Road to Tooting Bec…

Tulips, Columbia Road Market, Sundays

Flowers at Columbia Road Market

Tulips at Columbia Road Market, flowers

More flowers from Columbia Road Flower Market

Spring Blossom in Tooting

Spring Blossom

Lilac in Tooting

Lilac, smelt amazing!

Galvanised, I am galvanised…..just like the bucket outside on my balcony, which contains bulbs which I planted (and which are actually growing – *one hand clap here*)

Rananculii, bulbs, Spring, flowers

My bulbs are growing…..!


Chillies – three different types

I also visited Ikea on Friday (FAR less scary on a weekday), so I’m filled with fresh ideas of how to transform my flat on a budget, but more of that another time…

Since I’ve  had my new carpets fitted the rest of the flat seem rather tired, so I decided that a full spring clean was in order. That, and a friend lent me her steam mop. Daytime advertising has a lot to answer for.

Having said all that it is amazing.  It has a plethora of scary looking attachments, which are thankfully very straightforward to attach and the machine is a doddle to use. As a consequence, there isn’t much at Tooting Towers that hasn’t been ‘steamed’: the floors and windows, the shower screen, the bathroom, the oven, the microwave, the blinds. I have even steam-cleaned a work jacket, which has saved me a trip to the dry cleaner. Not bad eh? All with the power of H2O; no nasty chemicals needed.

Even the dials on my cooker are sparkling (I know, ew!), but it’s one of those gadgets that makes you go looking for something to clean. I’m off to prepare dinner, just so I can eat it off the floor. Get one here


Lighting Up my World

I love what I call ‘house porn’. It’s a definite thing for me. I love flicking through impossibly glossy magazines, and websites (this one is particularly good), salivating over houses that I can only dream of owning.

When I hear the ‘thud’ of Living Etc through my letter box (*BBC voice* other interiors magazines are available) I know I’ve got an escapist couple of hours imagining myself in those amazing settings.  Pretend as I do, I also use these images and bigger ideals as a springboard to create something more in keeping with a flat in Tooting. That lampshade/mirror maybe way beyond my price range, but if there’s a way I can either recreate it myself, or source it, or a lookalike for much cheaper, then why not? In an attempt to recreate a more up to the minute look, or to look for something specific for my ex-local authority dwelling (in the 80s this would have been labelled ‘compact and bijoux’) I have recently discovered the delights of Pinterest. How late am *I* to the party?! I know. a recent discover – thank god, or I don’t think I’d have passed any exams, ever. For the very few of you that are unfamiliar with its all-encompassing delights, a precis: Remember going through magazines when you were a teenagers, ripping out pages, with hair/makeup/clothes etc. which were keep in folders to become more and more dog-eared until they eventually disintegrated or got thrown away?  The ones you never looked at. Yes? Will this is like that, but on the computer!  No mess, no paper and you can file it all under different headings, or ‘boards’. Genius eh?

Recently I’ve been trying to put ‘finishing touches’ to my flat, (hey, I’ve only been here 10 years!), but I think it pays not to rush into anything…..

Chez Wurzel I’m big on light fittings/fixtures/shades, whatever you want to call them. It’s amazing how desolate a bare lightbulb can look, far too reminiscent of student digs – apart from these absolutely beautiful Lee Broom specimens.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Lee Broome Crystal Bulb

Lee Broom lightbulb

In a small ex-local authority block in SW London, choosing lampshades and lights that are a little out of the ordinary can really make a difference, well I think so anyway. This hall light is from Uniche Interiors Furnishings.



Mercury Glass Diamond Pendant, £130

My first purchase, even though I didn’t know where I was going to hang it at time is a semi-antique chandelier bought for the bargain sum of £30 in Brick Lane market, granted I was lucky that they stall owner was going on holiday the next day, or so he said, but I bought it because I loved it.  I confess it spent six months  hanging from a clothes airer in the middle of my sitting room and before that it was sitting in a bag under my coffee table – in pieces, for about 2 years. My bad.

Kerb 2014 089Here a little close up. It took *hours* to clean and put together!Kerb 2014 090

and it’s now hanging in the sitting room….phone pics 487Graham & Green have something similar:

Graham & Green, £230

It’s a bit pricier admittedly, but check out Ebay too.

Graham & Green also had these beautiful lampshades, which I’d lusted after for ages:


Feather lampshades here, £59, £84 and £325

 I searched on-line and found one from B&Q for £28.  And here it is in situ!

Kerb 2014 092and a bit of detail:Kerb 2014 085

phone pics 307

Here it is all lit up!

Last, but not least, I’d seen these really cool marquee lights at Made:

Broadway Arrow Table Lamp Black £89

Arrow Broadway Table Lamp, £79 (was £89)

Nice aren’t they?   I eventually bought this one as I wanted something coloured from Not On The High Street

Kerb 2014 091

Sadly, I can’t find it on the website, so I don’t think they sell them anymore, but similar are here.

So there’s my edit on lighting….there’s lots to choose from, I only wish I had more rooms!

PS Graham & Green are celebrating their 40th Anniversary and to mark this auspicious occasion, have opened up their first showroom, at The Perfume Factory, 140 Wales Farm Road, W3

Images: John Lewis,  Uniche Interiors, Graham & Green, Made